Sunday, April 09, 2006

Beat SH4 But Got Worst Ending

Tonight I beat Silent Hill 4: The Room. There are four endings and I got the worst one because I didn't take enough care of Eileen, and I let her walk into the machinery in the pool of blood during the final battle with Walter, so she got sliced up. But what the hell, I was busy fighting Walter, and he was such a stubborn bastard that it took about six charged-up Rusty Axe attacks and a dozen revolver bullets to finally kill him (I beat him on the third attempt). Plus Eileen was walking pretty fast into the machinery anyway. Why was she doing that? Well, because she was possessed because I didn't take enough care of her, and she probably got bitten too many times by those skinned dogs with the three-foot-long tongues. Oh well. I hate babysitting in videogames anyway, so who cares.
The other reason I got the worst ending was because I didn't clear at least 80% of the hauntings in my room. But was it my fault that there weren't enough Holy Candles in the game? No. And was it my fault that I didn't know you could also clear the hauntings using Sacred Medallions? No. I thought they were only for warding off those annoying ghosts (because you couldn't kill the damn things). Anyway, the hauntings were definitely one of the coolest and scariest parts of the game. I experienced the following hauntings:
+ Big evil-looking cracks in the wall that started moving when you got close to them along with a scary sound;
+ Walking back into the living room to find the windows rattling like crazy, opening a quarter way and closing again real fast. Very scary;
+ Hearing the TV blasting loud static and walking near it to see horrifying indistinct faces trying to come out of the screen;
+ Seeing bloody footprints in the kitchen made by the slippers that were always next to the front door, the slippers now in the middle of the kitchen floor and when I got near them the screen flashed red and I started taking damage (you take damage if you move too close to these *hauntings*);
+ Waking up in my bedroom to hear a young boy sobbing, and seeing a silhouette of that young boy in the closet;
+ Hearing a surging sound from the kitchen and walking up to find the kitchen sink tap pouring a constant jet of blood;
+ Hideous purple baby faces coming out of the wall in the living room, making horrible wailing and sobbing sounds;
+ The wall clock hands spinning fast.

In conclusion, Silent Hill 4 was very good although not as good as Silent Hill 2 where James Sunderland got a letter from his wife who died three years ago. If you want to play a Silent Hill game, that's the one you want to play first.

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