Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Lost In The Fog

Why is it so hard to think of something to write? Do you ever find it hard to think of something to write? It occurs to me that when you run into times like these, you can look back on stuff you did manage to write, and wonder at it, knowing you wrote it and that nobody else could have written it, but at the same time feeling that somebody else did write it, after all, because it seems to have been written by somebody who had ideas. It's depressing to have no ideas. Or, to have ideas, but when they are written down they don't seem like very good ones. It's depressing to have not very good ideas of things to write about.
I keep hitting the keys, hoping to come up with something. There must be some kind of chance I will come up with something, so I try again, but when I look back at it, I'm disappointed. It's not a good feeling, disappointment. It feels bad to be disappointed. Disappointment is a negative feeling. Despair is another negative feeling. In fact, despair could definitely be said to be even worse than disappointment. I'm sure of that. Well, at least I'm sure of something. It feels good to be sure of something...

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WriterOnMyWall said...

Yep, I totally know what you mean. When I get stuck in a rut, I'd go over the past works I've written and go "Did I really write that? Where did I get the idea? Why can't I get any now?" Truly frustrating... sigh!