Thursday, September 15, 2005

No It's Not Just Her Accent

I was in the Human Resources department this afternoon, scanning files. Have to scan the barcodes of them files. It's a robot job but I don't mind because it doesn't take any brainpower, I can think my own thoughts and space out as much as I want. Anyway, I went over to Gosia's desk and saw a file there. Gosia is Polish and a book-reading woman. She used to work with me and Boss and Colleague. I've always had a big crush on her. God, these Polish women! Well, after a few years she went off to work in the HR department, and OK I will admit that it was a traumatic event that I never quite recovered from, but since I'm also the mailman and zoom around the place with my mail trolley, I get to visit her every day.
So today in the middle of scanning those stupid barcodes I went over to talk to her and saw a file on her desk. I said, Hey, I better scan that file you got there! Looking at it, I noticed it was Pete's file. I said Hey, that's Pete's file! I like Pete, we talk about books. Pete was the one that recommended this enormous space opera trilogy I'm reading now. Gosia said, That Pete, he is strange! I say, That's OK. I like strange! I like you, so you must be strange too!
She moved her eyes down and blinked them a few times and said, breaking my heart, It's my accent.

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