Monday, September 26, 2005

Squawking from the Sidelines

Here I am waiting patiently for an idea. An idea will come along any minute now, I'm sure of it. Just gotta wait, or meditate, or something, that's all. Maybe start typing random words, gibberish, or even some dialogue between a postal clerk and a Tourette's sufferer standing in line, screaming obscenities. How about writing something about the *War on Terror*? No, there are enough people writing about that. How about something insightful and penetrating on the Middle East conflict? No, there are enough people making comments on that too. How about our Prime Minister, John Howard? No, I guess I can't raise enough interest for that. It's boring, to be honest. Everybody has an opinion about it and it sounds like ducks quacking or chickens squawking. Writing about women reading on the bus seems so much more important and interesting. Even writing about what some character gets up to in a movie is more interesting.
You know, I'd rather read about somebody's hobby, or personal obsession, to whatever degree it goes, than read about what they think of some politician or President or Prime Minister. That kind of thing seems like a room full of people trying to shout louder than everybody else, everybody in the room believing with awesome conviction that they are right, that they have some magical insight into these matters. The ridiculous part is that everybody in that jammed sweaty loud room are equally Righteous. God forbid they might hesitate for a second, stop to wonder if they may not be right after all. But they can't ALL be right, can they?
Maybe it's some kind of God complex. People think they are pretty smart, it's all quite clear actually, they got it all figured out, and if only they had more of an influence they could fix those problems these idiots in charge keep making. Yes, they know what's best, all right. So why the hell aren't THEY in charge? Why the heck don't THEY have more say in things? It's just not fair.
It also reminds me of a sporting event. There's the people on the sidelines shouting at the players to do this and do that. You'd think the players would know what they are doing. But no. Those big stomachs on the sideline actually have the best advice, if only those stupid players would listen, they would put those superior tactics into effect and subsequently kick the other team's arse.
What the hell am I doing talking about sport now?! Must be going wacky. But hey, that reminds me of an excellent thing my friend The J Man said about sports fans. He said (to paraphrase): What the hell are those people doing spending their entire weekends following sport? Have they already committed the Bible to memory?


J C said...

'Croc' says a walk in the 'outback' clears the mind. Have you ever done a 'walk-about'? Or is that just something for the Dundee movies?

Stratu said...

No sir, I have never gone on one of those walkabouts. But you could be right, it could do me a world of good. Peace, real earth beneath the feet, no white wires, big sky, emu burgers, crocodile shishkebabs. God, yes!
Thank you! I owe you one.