Thursday, September 01, 2005


I bought the new issue of Terroriser today. Obituary are on the cover. Man, Obituary! That takes me back! I say, smiling crookedly and rubbing my grizzled whiskers as I lean back in my rickety chair.
In 1989 their debut album Slowly We Rot came out and I bought it. What a great album. It sounded like the kind of music turbo zombies would make. I listened to that album over and over and never got sick of it. Another great thing about it, I was sure that if I played it to somebody else, (at least) 99.999% of them would absolutely HATE it. That was pretty cool. For sure, only if you were truly HARDCORE could you handle (much less enjoy) this kind of music, so it felt pretty damn great to know that I was one of these totally hardcore dudes. Ha ha! *head thrown back, mad egomaniacal laughter going on and on well into the night*
And the band photo, it was taken at night with a light behind them so you could only see their silhouettes. I noticed how goddam skinny they were. Hey, I was pretty damn skinny too! These turbo zombies were the same age as me, and they were skinny like me too, AND they made this totally EVIL music that I LOVED but just about everybody else HATED.
Anyway, with Obituary coming back it made me think about the *age thing*. You know, young dudes make fun of the oldies going along to see the Rolling Stones or Pink Floyd or Yes or whoever, and I know I did too - those ponytail dudes, ha ha! But what's even funnier is, when Obituary come out here touring their new album and showing off their bigger stomachs, looking like that silhouette photo on the back of Slowly We Rot, only a fatter version, I'll go along to see them, and there will be some young dudes there who were making big steaming smelly piles in their nappy when I bought that first Obituary album, and they will look at me and say, Ha ha, look at that dude, he's pretty old, hey. Don't stay up too late Grampa!

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aaron de la south said...

-so they should have called the album "Slowly We Swell."