Friday, September 09, 2005

Starship Battle

There was me and somebody else (sometimes Brother Mikel and other times Tank Commander Puckeridge). We got in some kind of trouble in a big housing estate which was part futuristic and part present day. Garbage was overflowing and blocking the laundry room. We thought people were about to come after us any second but they never did. Anyway, we got out. Then on a massive bridge, like the Sydney Harbour Bridge, a starship was in the sky slowly spinning, scanning for us. We triggered a disruption in its beams (or something, ha ha) so it lost control and slowly spun over against a big concrete wall of the bridge. Its tail block hit and sheared off. The starship fell into the water. Or maybe it just disappeared. But then we looked around and panicked because we were surrounded by uniformed guys with machine guns, but soon realised they were not paying any attention to us. It was a McDonald's carpark and they were only guarding the place. We walked in, laughing, and ordered breakfast.

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CA said...

"Garbage was overflowing and blocking the (sidewalks and driveways".)
Sounds like anywhere in New Yorks' downtown in 1976.

I had an experience like that at a truckstop in Ontario, California. I had to prove I was a trucker before the security guards (four of them) would let my wife and me stay at the motel.