Monday, November 21, 2005

Five Seconds

I was joking with somebody saying I would get in a taxi and see how far one cent would get me when all hell broke loose. Men started shouting, 'IN FIVE SECONDS WE ARE GONNA START SHOOTING, SO YOU BETTER START RUNNING!' They had set themselves up in the middle of intersections over a grid three blocks by three blocks. They wore blue denim and red bandanas. I started running. One of the men saw me and fired. I felt a bullet zing past my right shoulder. People were screaming everywhere. I felt sick with fear. At that moment, I remember thinking, 'You know, those super sadistic horror movies don't seem so funny all of a sudden.'


me said...

was this a dream or were people really shooting at you and if so why?

Stratu said...

It was only a dream.
(I hope I haven't disappointed you! Sydney is CRAZY, but not that CRAZY. Yet.)

me said...

ahhhh ok... :) was a bit concerned:P