Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Post Office Confusion

I didn't go and see a movie today even though it is Budget Tuesday and even though I had a half day. What the hell is going on here? It's highly unorthodox, I'll agree. But what happened was that I looked at the movie listings and there was nothing I wanted to see.
So instead I took a bus and went straight to the post office because I had one of those red and white cards (PIAC - Postal Item Awaiting Collection! for any mailspotters out there) that say I have to pick up a parcel or something because it won't fit in the little mailbox. Inside the post office the lady asked me if I had ID. That was strange because I never get asked for ID. But I showed my ID (the one where my face mysteriously looks like that of a frog) and signed for the thing and when she gave it to me I thought hey look! here is another odd thing! This looks like a record, being as it is, square and flat and not small and rectangular and a bit thicker, like a DVD, which I was expecting and thought it must be. Then I looked at the name and it said Owen Wigov. I didn't know who Owen Wigov was but it wasn't me so I pointed that out. She said oh that's why I asked you for your ID. I said hey that's cool and she said OK no worries I'll sort it out, and it wasn't until I got outside that I wondered why she didn't say something when she saw that the name on my ID was different to the one on the thing I signed for. She could have said: Are you Owen Wigov? I only ask because the name on your ID says Stratu Perfect Leader. Is Owen Wigov an alias? Is he your brother? A brother who changed his name? Is he a friend? If he is, you can't sign for it, he has to come in and sign for it.
You see, it should have gone on like that.
Oh well. Everybody makes mistakes, to use an exhausted old saying, but I hope they are more on-the-ball with the exploding felafels.

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