Thursday, November 10, 2005

Walk to Work

This morning I got out of bed feeling groggy. Unsteady on feet moving in not one direction but multiple directions toward bathroom.
Wait. I've already done this one, haven't I? Or one like it. Oh well, who cares.
Anyway, I got up wobbly and stood swaying under water. Didn't ride bike to work because bike was already at work. So yes I walked to work and again there was no sign of my reading walking woman. Where is she? Maybe she only works one day every six months. It seems that way. That's how often I see her. She's like an eclipse.
There was nobody else notable on this walk to work. Was there really not? Well, there was the Asian guy who had a t-shirt with a big dragon illustration and it said 'Sinful Dragon'. What is that? I wrote it down and still haven't found out what it means.
There are metal cages along Oxford Street where they are widening the footpath or the street or something. This has happened before but on George Street and I still wonder how they can widen the footpath AND the street while the space between the opposite buildings remains the same size. How do they do that? Yet another mystery!
Walking along I realised how hot it was already. It was only just after 8:00 and already 27 degrees (that's 80 degrees Fahrenheit, you know). Already it was time to start sweating like a maniac. If it's not enough that other people have white eyeballs, everybody else seems to handle the heat like it's nothing. The rare times I see another poor bastard sweating like a madman I feel like cheering.
And I see other men wearing proper shirts. I can't do that. It's not only because of the heat. I have to wear t-shirts because my skin is itchy. I've always had itchy skin. When I was a kid I looked like a leopard. I used to curse my mother's choice of white bedsheets because they showed the bloodspots so clearly. Every morning it looked like a bedful of baby mice had been slaughtered. When you are a kid these kind of afflictions are a horror, not because you are horrified by them, but because of the horror you feel that you know they will be discovered.
Anyway, that's why it's t-shirts for me. I twitch and itch enough without having to do battle with a goddam collared shirt.

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