Monday, November 07, 2005

Gantz 3

Monday night has become Gantz night so on the way home coming up to where the video store is and even before the bus slowed down for the bus stop I jumped out the window with my feet moving fast so I wouldn't trip over when I landed. Imagining that somebody was filming, because it must have looked spectacular, I crossed the road went into the video store and got Gantz 3: Process of Elimination.
Here is the rundown on the four episodes. Beware of spoilers. Just about everything that follows is probably spoilers so if you haven't yet watched it, don't read it.

Everybody argues in the Gantz room. Kashimoto almost gets raped again. The dog licks her again. Nishi (the veteran of Gantz) berates everybody and lets them know how lame they all are. One of the bikers shoots him but it has no effect. Woah. Nishi turns around and shoots the biker but with these weapons there is a delay so the biker has a moment to regret his action before his head explodes. Big mess. Kurono's power suit (he calls it his *cosplay suit*, ha ha) is back in his apartment so he is shitting himself. They all get beamed down to go after the Suzuki Alien.

ep.10 YUZOU-KUN?
Kurono arrives first and is scared because the Suzuki Alien is walking towards him, making a noise like a robot. In fact he walks like a robot and really seems to be a robot. He has little robot birds walking around him and one jumps up onto Kurono and starts pecking at his shirt sleeve, it looks harmless and cute but Kurono gets scared and swats the bird off, killing it, which makes Suzuki Alien angry so he chases Kurona to where everybody else is. Nishi has a big fight with Suzuki Alien. Nishi can teleport around the place but his device breaks so he asks the others for help. They debate it because Nishi said all those mean things to them. Eventually Kato jumps down to help Nishi.

Before Kato can get to Nishi, the Suzuki Alien pops up and delivers a nasty sonic scream right next to Nishi's head which bursts his eyeballs and eardrums. Kato manages to get hold of the alien in a bearhug grip from behind and Kurono shoots. Did it hit him? It must have because a big bird comes out of the Suzuki robot head. Now Kashimoto shoots it and it gets lasered up into the night sky. Big emotional scene at the end where Nishi is scared of dying. It is revealed that he (like Kishimoto) committed suicide. Unlike Kishimoto, who slit her wrists in the bathtub, Nishi jumped off a bridge. At the end, Nishi dies. Maybe. Could he really be dead? I, for one, hope not. Even though he berated everybody, by the end there he didn't seem like such a bad egg.

It turns out there is more than one of these Suzuki Alien robot/bird things around here, which they soon realise when they are not beamed back to the Gantz room. There is a big fight with the Suzukis. Everybody gets split up. Grandma and the spoilt kid get attacked by two of the Suzukis when the kid needs to take a wizz. Grandma gets killed. Maybe the kid too. Kurono is forced by one of the bikers (who managed to get the guns, although Kurono sneakily stashed another one away in his jacket) to go into the house where the radar shows there to be a whole bunch of Suzukis. Kurono walks in to find not only four Suzukis coming out of four rooms, but in a room at the end of the hall he sees an ENORMOUS creature sitting on the floor surrounded by little plastic toy eggs. The end.

Speaking of endings, maybe it's the 13 year-old Japanese girl in me, but, like Depeche Mode, I just can't get enough of that power ballad they use for the closing theme.

Finally, and it KILLS me to report this, but there won't be any Gantz 4 next Monday because the video store girl told me it doesn't come out until later this month. Yes, depressing.

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J C said...

"Kato manages to get hold of the alien in a bearhug grip from behind and Kurono shoots."

The man, Kato; can he be on loan from the Green Hornet?
Kato was the constant companion to the Green Hornet in their wonder auto, Black Beauty, as they fought crime for many years. The rumor is, they're still out there somewhere, waiting for the right time to re-appear.