Saturday, November 12, 2005

Who Killed Bambi?

I just finished watching a movie on SBS. It was a French movie called Who Killed Bambi? or, more accurately, since it is a French movie, Qui a tué Bambi?
Isabelle is a young nursing student, an intern at a hospital. As she is going about her hospital life - trying to get enough sleep between juggling nursing studies and her boyfriend (who is an orderly at that hospital) - she comes into contact with a young brain surgeon, Dr Philipp, a handsome devil and quite charming when he wants to be.
Isabelle has recently begun having dizzy spells. What happens is, she hears a buzzing sound then falls over. While sharing an elevator with Dr Philipp she has one of these spells and slumps down into the corner of the elevator. Dr Phillip looks down at her like what the hell are you doing down there? She says oh it's cool, I'm OK, really, and gets up. He says you better get that checked out. It could be an inner ear problem because that affects balance you know and you lost your balance just then and slumped down into the corner like that, so maybe that's the problem.
Meanwhile we see Dr Philipp on his rounds and discover that while he may indeed be a handsome devil and quite charming, he is also a fiend because he likes to visit the female patients who have come out of surgery. He visits them late at night and even though we see nothing with the first two, we know he's up to dastardly deeds. To put it another way, he is not simply going into their room late at night to examine their charts.
The third patient he visits on one of his nocturnal missions is an Asian girl, and this time we explicitly witness his fiendishness. What's more, while he is running his hands all over this unconscious girl's body, he is whispering wacky stuff like I'm your baby and you're my mummy. The guy is clearly abusing the Hippocratic oath.
Gradually, Isabelle realises that there is something sinister about Dr Philipp but when she mentions to senior nurses that he is probably a fiend, they laugh and say well that cannot be, after all he is a genius surgeon while you are only a dumb student nurse. Banish the thought, and all that jazz.
Dr Philipp finds out that Isabelle is onto him and his sick hobby. Isabelle gets really freaked out when she has to have an operation on her ear, knowing for sure that he will come and visit her post-op and have some fun with her hot nubile defenceless body.
The movie looked great and the hospital was successfully transformed into a terrifying place, made more terrifying because this is a hospital and supposed to be a place of safety and not a place where you get porked by a sick deviant surgeon. That sort of stuff is only supposed to happen in funeral parlours and morgues.
The soundtrack was very good too, and the end credits theme song reminded me of Julee Cruise and her songs for Twin Peaks.


J C said...

I hope you don't live around Lucas Heights!

Stratu said...

Ha ha. No, I don't live near there. But that place is pretty secure, I think.
Still, I'm waiting for a felafel to explode any day.