Thursday, November 17, 2005

Three Dreams

Yes, it's true that talking or writing about your dreams can be a terrible bore to other people. Why should mine be any different? I wouldn't dare say they are, but I had these three in the last seven days, and the third one was this morning and it really freaked me out. I woke up in terror! And these are very short anyway. Are you excited? Prepared to be bored? You don't have to read on anyway, after all. Exercise your free will!

1. I made a comic and read it to some people, but after a little while they walked away. But when I looked at it again, wondering why the hell they walked away, I was convinced it was a masterpiece.

2. 'When TVs first appeared, it was not uncommon for people to sit right next to them all day to make sure they, the TV people, did not disappear.' - from a book in my dream. [I never remember stuff I read in a dream. But I managed to hold onto this line! Can you imagine how triumphant I felt, even with this one ridiculous line?]

3. Gosia showed me a short footage of a demon. The man sitting next to it moved so the face could be seen, with an intense expression, gnashing his teeth, blue face, very frightening. A real demon!

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