Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Bunster Gorbin

Hey, do you remember Bunster Gorbin? He wrote some funny music reviews on Amazon and I wrote about it here. Anyway, he found out about it and left a message:

Hey this is Bunster Gorbin. took off most of my reviews because they thought my reviews were tasteless. I did a google search for my name and found your website. Luckily I backed up all my reviews including the Kansas, Styx and everything I reviewed, so they will be appearing again. If they are not under the Buster Gorbin name they will appear under the name Munster Borgin, because Amazon has me blackballed for right now. Thank You, Bunster Gorbin

Good to hear from you, Bunster, and that was unsporting of Amazon to remove your reviews. Maybe you should start a blog. Your writing is amusing. Good luck!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone, this is Bunster Gorbin here. I'm not going to ruin your parade or anything, I like you guys, so no need to worry. Here is a link to a review I did on for the band "Cradle of Filth". It is one of my most popular reviews. It's not that funny but I felt it really describes the band appropriately. Thank you everyone, Sincereley, Bunster Gorbin
Copy and paste this link and scroll down to the review "This is an Excellent CD!!! by Frankie Vita" (that was pre-Bunster and they blackballed little Frankie a while back: