Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Animal Crossing

About two years ago I got seriously addicted to a Gamecube game called Animal Crossing. I wrote about it, but not here, because at that time I was completely obsessed with gaming, and it was before this regular blogging activity, and back then I only wrote stuff on internet gaming forums.
About a month ago I got a Nintendo DS. A new Animal Crossing game was released for this machine, Animal Crossing: Wild World. Did I get a copy of that game? You bet I did! And I've been playing it every night since I got it, and sometimes even during the day, but only on weekends, but lately I've been thinking I might take it to work. Some event (in the game) might come up where you have to be there, in the village, at a certain hour, but what if I'm at work at that hour? Well, if that happens, I'll have to take the game to work and at the appointed hour zoom off to the men's room and do it in there, because I'm sure Boss wouldn't tolerate me whipping it out in the office.
Anyway, this Animal Crossing game is so great. It's so GREAT!
I'll have to write more about it, for sure.


me said...

the art on the package looks pretty intresting i like that style. think it would be fun to play this blasted out of your mind on mushrooms or something. who knows.
anyways i so very much want you to at least sign up for lj and get a free account for reading others journals there. i know ive mentioned this before. i just think you could have alot of fun over there with the communities. also you never get to read some of my more intresting entries or see pictures.

Stratu said...

Well, I actually did get a Live Journal page last month, put two of my Atomiser posts on it, then forgot about it.
Live Journal might be cool and all, but I've had this Blogger blog since 2002 and know what I'm doing, at least enough to get the job done.
But for if I can use my ghost town-like LJ page to check out this Top Secret stuff of yours, I'll do it for sure.