Monday, January 30, 2006

The Aristocrats

After work today I went and saw The Aristocrats. This documentary is about *the World's Dirtiest Joke*, and that joke is known as The Aristocrats. This was an insider joke among comics, never told to audiences, but told backstage or in the club once the audience had left, from one comic to another. What's special about it is that it has a set beginning and ending, or punchline, but the guts of it are up for grabs. Whoever tells it can go nuts on the grossout factor, let the darkest most depraved side of their imagination run wild, and that's what we get to witness in this documentary.
There are one hundred comics here (apparently - after 90 minutes it sure seemed like at least that many), including George Carlin, Robin Williams, Gilbert Gottfried, Drew Carey, and many others who when I saw their face, I surely recognised, but I'd be damned if I knew their names.
The Aristocrats was funny, but it went on way too long. The depraved humour on display here was sufficiently shocking and repulsive that I counted at least half a dozen people who walked out. This actually made me laugh too, because I imagined that those people didn't even know anything about it, they just rolled up at the cinema and said, "I say! That one called The Aristocrats sounds like it could be a smashing show!"
Anyway, it was OK, not great, and went on for too long. I wouldn't care to see it again, unlike Grizzly Man. And when the hell, by the way, is that DVD gonna come out, eh?

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