Wednesday, January 25, 2006

This Is Not A Movie Review

Why haven't I been writing any movie reviews lately? There is a good reason, and it's called the school holidays. I really tried to go to the movies in the last month - twice I tried to go! Both times the queues were so long they were almost going out the door to the street, and my local Movie Palace is a monster (actually three joined together: Village, Greater Union and Hoyts - they were right alongside each other, but one day the walls were knocked down to create one gigantic convenient monument to movie magic), and it's the main city one, and there are usually three or four queues, so when each one of those queues stretches back one hundred metres to the street, forget it, man, because that's when I do a military-style about face and walk back out real fast. I can't do it. I can't wait in a line that long, with all those people. No way.
Oh well. The school holidays end this week, and while naturally I feel some sympathy for those little brats (haw!), I'll be very glad to return to the Movie Palace and sit in the middle of a cavernous virtually empty room and watch a movie, then come back to The Darkroom and write about it here.

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