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Gantz 4: Fatal Attractions

Gantz 3 Gantz 2 Gantz 1
Kei Kurono (our hero!)
Masaru Kato (our other hero!)
Kei Kishimoto (our heroine!)
Suzuki Seijin (the male model who has the Ring-looking girl following him around)
Ayumu (Kato's little brother)
Sei Sakuraoka (dominatrix-looking woman)

Ep. 13. Please Die
The robots have surrounded the grandmother and her grandson in the garage and do their sonic scream, killing them both. Kato and Kishimoto come in too late and blast them with their guns, which have no effect. Meanwhile, Kurono meets up with the giant bird with sharp teeth. He accidentally steps on the head of one of the little birds, and when he takes his foot off, the bird has an angry look and runs around squawking. A funny scene.

The giant bird stands over Kurono who is very scared, but he overcomes it and starts blasting at the bird and the screaming robots. The roof collapses and Kurono barely makes it out. He triumphantly starts shouting:
"Look at you now ya piece of shit! I showed you, ya creepy fuck!"
Kato and Kishimoto and new guy Seijin arrive on the scene. Kato calls out to Kurono and he spins around in the middle of his harangue.
"Oh, hey Kato!" he says in a friendly way.
That was a very funny scene too.
Kurono starts telling them all how he really gave it to that big nasty bird, and he finished it - it's over. Naturally, just then the bird flies up out of the rubble and grabs one of the expendable dudes, flying up into the sky then rips his head off. Head and body fall separately and bloodily to earth.
The bird comes down again and grabs Kurono and flies off with him. He is twisting around and screaming "Those claws really hurt!" He has a fit of rage and manages to yank the bird's breathing device and it snaps, steam or cold air comes rushing out. The bird drops Kurono who falls to earth in slow motion firing up at the bird. The bird's head explodes but that was probably due to the breathing device thing. Nevertheless Kurono is the hero of the day. Hurrah!
Back in the Gantz room he learns he has 38 points, Kishimoto has 10 points and Kato only has 5 points (apparently if somebody gets to 100 points they are free to return to normal life).

Ep. 14. Goodbye
Kurono and Kashimoto at Kurono's place talking about the events of last night. Kurono gets angry because it's all over the TV news and he is upset because they found one of his porno mags. Kishimoto says Kato would never have one of those because he lives with his little brother and is too thoughtful.
Kato arrives home to find his mean aunt bashing his little brother. Slap! Slap!
She's really horrible. Kato demands she stop but she says how dare you tell me what to do. Kato grabs her and shoves her into the crockery cupboard, smashing the glass. She deserved it! She kicks them out of the house.
Kurono is in class daydreaming again and looks around to see Kishimoto sitting there naked.
She starts telling him what a nice boy Kato is then comes over and starts waggling her bum. Kurono snaps out of it and another girl tells the teacher that Kurono has a hard-on again. Teacher says, "Kurono, can't you take care of that at home?"
Kato and his little brother Ayumu move into a place of their own. Kato tells him he can even watch anime all the time if he wants. Yay! His mean old aunt never let him do that, plus she beat him up all the time, the horrible old hag. Grr!
The biker dude (whatever his name is) has yet another fight with his wife. They have a baby but she can't lactate and he can't provide milk because he lost his job at the construction site. He pulls out his magic Gantz gun and threatens her but doesn't shoot her, rather runs out into the night. He meets the gang guys that killed him originally (these people all died remember) and he is about to shoot them when his wife calls and says she is finally lactating! He has bought some milk, but blood has started pouring out of his eyes and mouth and ears and nose, and just before his head explodes he says, "Well you don't need me then."
Not only that big emotional scene but another one with Kurono and Kishimoto - Kurono in his bed and Kishimoto in bed on the floor. Kurono loses his cool and starts saying what the hell are you doing here, you stay here and I pay for food but I can't even touch you. He realises he stepped over the line, and to make matters worse, Kishimoto says you know what Kurono, even though you are different to Kato I still like you a lot, I think you are a really great guy. Aw, man, doesn't Kurono feel like a heel now?

That's how the episode ends, with Kishimoto walking away down the street in the middle of the night, and Kurono alone in his room. Big emotional ending. Gotta love it.

Ep. 15. I Wanna Be There Now
Next morning Kurono still regrets his behaviour with Kishimoto but then somebody is at the door. What! It is Kishimoto! She falls into his arms and the next minute they are having wild sex in his bed, but it is night time. What? Then he really wakes up and says, "Oh sure, is if that will ever happen!" It was only a dream, of course. Boo!
Kishimoto goes to a fast food restaurant but has no money. When the waiter is about to clear a table next to her, clear away some uneaten food, she tells him that those people who just left were her friends so she will take care of it. Indeed, a very moving scene. Not a dry eye in the house.
At Kurono's place there is a knock on the door but no it's not Kishimoto but the old lady who is always asking how to get to a certain subway platform. Ho hum. What does it all mean, and all that jazz. But hey! When she leaves, Kurono feels Gantz calling again, puts on his Gantz powersuit and gets lasered away. Everybody else gets lasered away too and arrives in the room, and naturally when Kishimoto arrives the dog molests her. Ugh.

There are some new people in the Gantz room, the loudest being a Buddhist televangelist. Kurono tells him he may think he knows what's what, but really he knows shit. Still, he managed to get almost everybody praying because he is convinced they are in Purgatory. But one of the new guys quits praying and says he doesn't think they are in Purgatory after all since he can feel his heart beating, he's breathing, and they can see the Tokyo skyline out the window.
Then there is a funny scene with a new girl Sei Sakuraoka (tall, dominatrix-looking) who asks Kurono about his suit, if he is an Otaku, anime fan, or cosplayer or whatever. She says she heard about a time when Otaku were cool and it wasn't nerdy to know all that trivial information about Japanese anime, and Otaku guys had lots of female attention because they were impressed with their knowledge. Haw! Funny scene :]
Then she admits that she saw him crying before and his tears touched her. If there is anything she can do to help him, she will do it. "Get laid" he says. "I wanna get laid!" She freaks out at first but then says OK, do you wanna do it now, here? So they have sex right there, little Kurono and this big dominatrix-looking woman. Then get this, at the end she says, "Oh I've heard of dying and going to heaven, but this..." Please. That was even too much for me. Let's draw a line here somewhere! What do you know, at that moment Kishimoto comes around the corner and sees them. "Oh!" she cries and runs away. Oh well, she had her chance, right?
End of episode 15!

Ep. 16. I Will Do It!
Kurono and Sakuraoka have some more sex in different positions but by the time Kishimoto comes back with Kato they are dressed in the power suits.
There are the usual arguments, confusion and disbelief from the new people in the Gantz rooom, then they are all transported outside. Some of the new guys including the Buddhist televangelist decide to go and catch a train but one of the guys' heads explode because he went outside the playing area, so Kato convinces the others to come back to the temple they appeared next to.
Meanwhile a man and woman carrying baseballs bats are walking around talking and laughing. What are they up to? No good, that's what. They approach some homeless men living in cardboard boxes and start beating them up and destroying their shelters, even tip a pot of hot noodles one of their heads.

While Kurono and gang are discussing the two gigantic temple guardian statues (one green, one red) and whether or not they are alive, Kato uses his *X Gun* (he named it that because it shows an x-ray of whatever it's pointed at). These things have a skeleton! They are alive! Then they do come alive and start walking around.
Meanwhile the arsehole couple with the baseball bats have chased down one of the homeless men and are beating him savagely. They hear a noise but carry on, then the camera zooms back to the Gantz room and the big Gantz ball, and... what! That is the end of the episode?! Oh great, now I have to wait another two months or so to find out what happens! *Blub!*

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