Friday, January 20, 2006

Gackt - *Moon*

When I emptied the mailbag at work today, there was a package addressed to me. What! I wasn't expecting anything. It was from somebody called Import King. What! Who? The customs sticker declared that there was a CD in there but I couldn't remember ordering a CD recently. A mystery! That's what it was. I left it on my desk and Boss arrived and we did the mail. (Boss is nice again, normal and friendly, not psycho like the other day.) Then I went zooming off with the mail trolley and delivered and collected mail around the place and came back and saw that package on my desk. What was in there? Only one way to find out, so I opened it. Ho! It was a Gackt CD, the 'Moon' album, with that song Another World on it. Now I remembered - I ordered it late one night when I was drunk, that's why I forgot about it.
Tonight I've been listening to it, and even though I was drunk, buzzed up on suds when I ordered it, unlike some other things one does while drunk, and later regrets, I don't find myself regretting this at all. Another World isn't the only good song on the album, in fact most of the songs are really good; some almost, or even as brilliant and excellent as Another World. This is Japanese Pop (J-Pop), and Gackt himself claims that he is a vampire and was born on 4 July, 1540. His target audience, and main fanbase, seems to be teenage Japanese girls. Is that really true? Does he have any male fans at all? Well, I wouldn't put his posters up on my walls (no, I want a poster of Chairman Kaga!) Gackt has an effeminate look, which is also common in Japanese videogames like Final Fantasy. Example: with the magazine ad for Final Fantasy X, it was not uncommon for one to mistake Tidus, coming out of the sea with his big sword, for a girl.
Anyway, who cares about all that - those teenage Japanese girls can put up their posters of Gackt and lie on their beds kicking their legs, making dreamy eyes at him - I think his songs are awesome. This stuff is so great! So GREAT!

Gackt Moon album highlights:
Track 3: Wa-su-re-na-i-ka-ra
Track 7: Death Wish
Track 9: Missing
Track 11: Another World
Track 12: Memories

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