Friday, January 27, 2006

Remote Control Bass Drum

Was at some (mysterious) friend's place and he was remotely operating a bass drum, but it was very flat and hammered down. It was very fast and he changed the rhythm with a hand dial. The sound was hurting my chest, but I was very impressed.


kfx said...

As I remember you had a uniquely intuitive talent for melody and song construction, why are you still writing?

Stratu said...

Coincidentally enough, I've started playing guitar again. My friend Andre bought a drum kit a couple of years ago and we've been messing around with that, but lately he convinced me to drag my guitar out of mothballs, so last week I bought one of those Zoom effects pedals.
Last night we had a jam session, it was a blast (although it shredded my fingers) and that Zoom pedal is awesome.
So, the way things are going, it could be time to put that "uniquely intuitive talent for melody and song construction" into action again!
(OK, I'll admit that your very nice compliment made my head expand to Zeppelin-like proportions.)

CA said...

Glad to hear you got the guitar out!

FYI-There is an application clled, "Band in the Box," you might really enjoy. It's at: With it you can write your own music. Donna and I use that exclusively (I still play the guitar and harmonica for lead) when we entertain. It's really easy and a lot of fun to write all the songs we know on the pc and put them on our laptop with a flash disk for mobility. We just plug the laptop into our pa and get it going.

Stratu said...

CA: I've read your posts where you've mentioned Band In The Box. I'll check it out for sure.