Sunday, January 15, 2006


Do you feel anxious a lot of the time? You may have an anxiety disorder, but watch out who you tell it to because they might say, "Aw that's OK, just have a beer and chill out!' so you have to say "Well, I been having at least six beers every night for the past year so maybe beer is not the answer, what do you think?'
Anxiety disorder is no fun, that's for sure, and neither is depression. Maybe you feel like the sun went out, even when the sun was out, it's summer yet you're frozen solid at the bottom of a lake, you get sick in crowds and freak out as soon as you step outside your door. Everything sucks, even things that normally don't suck. How does that happen? Good question! But don't worry, somebody has some advice for you: 'Aw, cheer up! It can't be that bad! Smile! Attaboy!' How about that advice? Ha! Just try taking it!
You could even be the kind of person who likes to write stuff, and it seems to work out best when you hit the suds. Well, what if you were that person and you felt some cRaZy urge to write every night? What would happen then, eh? Yes, you would have to hit the suds every night! Then, what if you got anxiety disorder and then on top of that, depression? If you thought about it, you might suspect that all these things could somehow be connected, and if they were, because they probably were, you would have a problem, wouldn't you say?
Ho! It sure would suck to be that person!


CA said...

It wouldn't be too swift to be a person who always felt anxious about everything. It's normal to be anxious sometimes when there is something that will happen to you and you're not looking forward to it but to have an anxiety disorder must be terrible.

If I knew a person like that, first I'd wonder if that person were taking any kind of medication that might cause the condition then I'd suggest reading a good book; one like, "Think and Grow Rich," by Napolean Hill or get some Tony Robbins self help tapes. They're great and Tony is the best at making a person feel better about himself. I just got his cds, "Get the Edge." Another guy who is good at making a person feel better is Wade Cook. Just listening to him talk about his life and talk about playing the stock market makes me feel "up." I'd try the public library first before I bought any of them.

That's what I'd suggest if I knew anyone like that. It couldn't hurt.

D3HUM8N1Z3R said...

Sometimes I experience anxiety (or at least I think I'm experiencing anxiety) when I'm at the cash register where I work. People keep coming to pay for their groceries. They keep coming and coming and after that a whole other crowd of people keep coming and coming. On moments like that I feel the urge to leave, to get some air because sometimes I have the feeling I'm not getting air. My breathing becomes heavier. Nobody notices it because I'm one way or another in control of that feeling of anxiety. After these people leave I feel releaved and a few moments later yeat another whole new crowd of people keeps coming and coming. This goes on for about 7 hours a day. One might say I'm not a people's person. I'm definitely not. So you could say it's a weird choice of profession. Also in public on the streets or when taking public transport a mass of people can cause stress. There's to many people and I don't want them near me and be exposed to their foul breath, something I experience on a daily level when I'm operating the cash register.