Sunday, April 03, 2005

A Song

A funny thing happened yesterday. I had come out of the Turkish place where I had a Turkish pizza. I walked along the street a bit to the bus stop and waited for my bus.
While I was waiting, a small man walked up to me. He appeared to be an Islander of some sort (Fiji? Samoa?) and he was smiling and looked up at me.
'Would you like to hear a song?' he asked me.
'Yes, I WOULD like to hear a song!' I replied, without a moment's hesitation.
He started up his song, in a soft voice, almost melodious, and he sang while gazing wistfully up into the air. The song sounded familiar. I was sure I recognised it. Then I knew what it was: he was trying to sing 'Every Breath You Take' but the words were all wrong, or maybe he changed the words himself. Maybe he liked the tune but not the words, so he made up his own.
Anyway, after a minute or so he was done, and looked back at me, expectantly.
'I like that song! It was very good!' I told him.
His smile grew bigger and he nodded.
'Would you perhaps have fifty cents? Towards a hamburger?'
Ah! So that was the game! And fair enough, too, for such a performance! I told him his song was worth more than fifty cents and gave him two bucks.
He thanked me, his smile bigger than ever, and walked away and up the street.

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