Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Birthday Sugarcubes

This morning when I went inside the place to get my muffin, I heard Birthday by The Sugarcubes playing on the radio. That was the band Bjork was in before she went solo. I always liked that song, but I remember that at the time a lot of people in the media were getting upset about it. They said it was about a man molesting a little girl. These people were idiots. There are people like that everywhere today. They see the worst in people, their perverse minds working overtime to create the vilest scenario.
Here are the *incriminating* lyrics, decide for yourself:

Today is her birthday
He's smoking cigars
They sit in the bathtub
And they're naked.

If you imagine a big hairy cigar-smoking man in a bathtub with a small girl, do you imagine that he is doing some not very nice thing to her and she is crying, or do you imagine he is giving her a happy bubble bath for her birthday and they are having a nice fun time and laughing?
What kind of person are you anyway?

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me said...

i like this song, though havent listened to the cubes or bjork for a few years now. strangley enough i never thought either of those things about those lyrics. i thought something more along the lines of happy man in tub smoking cigares after having sex with his young wife. young wife being refered to as his girl.. but i dont know im still half asleep.. muhahahahahhahaha:P