Saturday, July 30, 2005

Baten Kaitos

Tonight I have been playing Baten Kaitos. The reviews warned me about the voice acting and they were right. The voice acting is TERRIBLE. People who reviewed this game recommended to turn the voices off, but I won't do it because, as bad as they are, they are also very funny at times.
This game has a card battling system and one of the cards is for a *voice attack* which means when you play that card, the character taunts the enemy. One of the male characters, Lyude, has the silliest and most amusing voice, and when you play the voice attack card for him he says things like, 'I'm ready for battle!' and 'Looks like I don't need to fight too earnestly!' and my favourite, 'You must be in a mad panic!'
Also, a female character, Xelha, has a good line she shouts just before using one of her special attacks: 'Watch out! I am not so innocent!'
Ha ha! Watch out monsters! This girl is not so innocent that she won't heat your ass up with a Fire Burst Lv 2!
Something else funny about the Lyude character is this: whenever you make him use a healing item on himself, he says, 'This is for YOU!' He talks to himself like that. Isn't that funny?

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