Monday, March 28, 2005

Broken Robot

Hello. Can't write nuthin'. How depressing. Black cloud. Over head. Big cliche. Who cares. Yes sir, I am trying to not go at the work lightly. Instead go darkly. In despair. Not fun. Not feel good. Ha ha. Still laugh. Idiot grin. Walk outside. Walk inside. Look at wall. Eyes roll back. Jerk and twitch. Laugh some more. Sigh again.
Walk outside. Up dark street. Get some beer. Come back home. Glass of beer. One glass down. Three to go. TV on. Every time. Look at screen. Feeling sick. TV off. Write words. Like robot. Broken robot. Laughing crying. Circuits shorting. Sparks flying. Arms flapping. Legs jerking. Not working.

1 comment:

BixBloc said...

Danger !!! Danger !!!
Will Robinson !!!