Saturday, March 26, 2005

A Survey of Some Recent Blogs IV

Are there any good blogs out there? Probably not. But let's take another look, fired up with mad optimism!

1. Real Estate News. Another ad blog. *vomit* Look out because I am coming to torture you and kill you! Here I come! Start running! HA! I have caught up with you! I am torturing you and you are screaming! The pain is MONUMENTAL. Don't worry, I now kill you and you are dead! No more Real Estate News ad blog! YAY!
2. A blog where my mouse pointer suddenly turns into a white teddy bear head with a pink ribbon. WAAAAAAAAA! I kill you, too!
3. Musings on Communication and Culture. God Almighty how boring your blog is! And dull! Deadly dull and boring! I sleep now! Insomnia cured!
4. Cute little Asian pork chop blog. You can write "stuffs" and "dun" instead of "don't", no problem, only giggle and smile at me forever! How dear you are to me! It's LOVE!
5. This blog, only one post: Say "Hello World" to MyBlog!! I will not! I will say you are off to a bad boring start! Hello! Goodbye!
6. A blog from Norway. Yay! In Norwegian. Boo!
7. Daexo. Well as you can see, this is me levelling up to Level 43. [You lose 36 hitpoints due to an attack by a cyclops.] Ah, videogames! I will not abandon you forever! Can anybody tell me when Final Fantasy XII is coming out? How about The Legend of Zelda? *sigh*
8. A picture frame ad blog. Perfect! I will need one of your picture frames for the picture I take of you shortly after I have finished committing atrocities upon your stinking repulsive ad blogger corpse! Now that's what I call serendipity!
9. Real Catholic. Real Boring! Hail Mary full of grace the boringness is with me!
10. Memoirs of the Last of the Gwynne Tribe. Singapore noodle blog. Yes! I think we have something promising here: My parents have betrayed me. Turn me over to the Sith at once. I like the way this young noodle writes! And behold! I have found a blog that does not suckity-suck!
My work here is done! Goodnight!

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