Saturday, March 05, 2005

Thanks to *Me*

Big thanks to Me, a regular visitor here lately, who made a comment on last night's post suggesting I check out a site called as a way to find some good blogs.

Please go right now and I mean IMMEDIATELY and look at this AWESOME photograph of a Great Grey Owl. I have a new plan now, and that is to move to Montreal so that I'll be able to see these birds with my own eyes, up close as possible. Now to learn as much as I can about these extraordinary birds. How long do they live? What do their nests look like? What do their babies look like. What are their mating rituals? Do they mate for life? Do they stay with one mate for life, like many other birds? What different kinds of things do they eat? Do they live close to people's houses? Do they live in other places besides near Montreal? What sounds do they make? I thought owls slept during the day and hunted at night. This one appears to be awake in the daytime. I will find out as much as I can about the Great Grey Owl.
Thanks again to you, Me, otherwise I never would have found this wonderful owl!


me said...

lol an owl huh? hmm

Stratu said...

Maybe I got a little carried away. I probably won't be moving to Montreal anytime soon. But that owl is really something.

Stratu said...

Seriously, thanks for recommending that website, it's excellent, I spent at least two hours on it. I like their Life in a Day thing, I wanna do that, I think the next one is March 21.

BixBloc said...

Hello...Just "found" your blog today and I think it's the way you describe your world...

On the subject of the:
National Geographic(Febuary 2005),has an article on the great birds and you can even download "great-grey wallpaper" at : www.
Thanks for the great "reading".

Stratu said...

Thanks Bixbloc. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and big thanks for the link to the Great Grey Owl wallpaper! *ahem* Strange, majestic creature on the wing!