Sunday, March 06, 2005

Piss in a Bottle

Why not stay up longer. What the hell. It is 3:05am. Still feel wide awake. Don't have to get up for work tomorrow. Here alone, nobody to answer to, I can do what I please. Yes, thank you, I will have another beer, don't mind if I do. A cigarette? Why, yes, I think I will. Gotta piss? I can piss in a bottle. Why not. Those movies on SBS and no ads for toilet break. Piss in a bottle. Talking on telephone to friend who is sensitive to toilet noises? Piss in a bottle. At your convenience, empty bottle in toilet. Rinse bottle, use again. I saw Howard Hughes and he had two dozen bottle of piss lined up against the wall. I call him brother. I don't line bottle of piss up against wall, I can pour them down toilet when I get off the phone. Bottle of piss no problem. Piss in a bottle.


Krish said...

Have you seen the Movie "What Time Is It There".
It catches the moment

Stratu said...

I have not seen this movie, but you are the only person who commented on this post - this post I believed NOBODY would comment on - your recommendation is magnified a hundred times, my interest is magnified a hundred times. If you have a blog I MUST check it out. And by God I will see this movie as soon as I possibly can. Thanks for your comment!