Friday, March 11, 2005


It's Friday night, the night for my Survey of Some Recent Blogs IV report but I just got home from visiting Andre and Cheryl at their new house across the road from their old house, and it's rapidly approaching midnight, no time to write anything substantial before midnight, when the bell chimes twelve times, then I turn into a Blog Pumpkin, always got to finish this before midnight, that is my rule, to write here EVERY DAY EVERY DAY it's 11:48 and fast running out of time, I am obsessed with the RULE and can think of nothing else, could think of an experiment where I have ten minutes to write a post for the day but I'm frozen, knowing, convinced that it is impossible, I am under tremendous pressure and going insane knowing I can't write anything at 11:51 with nine minutes to go, and even then maybe the works will freeze, Blogger like a robot with circuits shorting and sparks shooting out, denying my post, delaying forever, only de-clogging and getting through just after midnight, which is too late. I'll have to hit the button NOW, can't stop looking at the clock, can't even think, room around me half there and flashing, distracting, hear hands of clock ticking amplified a thousand times, deafening, I've failed I've failed, here comes the PUMPKIN...

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