Monday, March 14, 2005

Who's Afraid of Peter Straub? I Am

I wrote in my blog that Peter Straub was going to help me with something. I had never read one of his books, but still he promised to help me with something, maybe to help me select which book of his to read first. Next thing I know, I got an email from him, it said, "You are in violation of copyright. I am coming to torture you and kill you in a very horrible way. See you soon." I was terrified, thinking that if Peter Straub is serious, and he is a writer of horror books, what unimaginable (but not to a horror writer!) atrocities he would inflict upon me! At that same moment, I also saw his house, it was night and there was a man in the front yard, the yard was all overgrown, a jungle, and I saw that man through black and gnarled branches. He was struggling with something, somehow restricted. Then I saw what it was, he had managed to release himself from being tied to a tree. He got loose and started running, his face twisted and grotesque with fear, his hair wild. He had been tied up in Peter Straub's nightmarish and overgrown front yard.
There was also a sign stuck in the ground: "YES, YOU ARE BEING HUNTED."

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Matter-Eater Lad said...

in the words of Tron (a david chappell character) "sleep tight. keep your butt hole tight."