Thursday, March 24, 2005

Night Piss

I walked through Hyde Park at 1:00am. I had to piss desperately and there is nothing better than pissing surrounded by trees. I walked up to a big tree in sufficient darkness and pissed away. Glorious! Ecstasy! I was drunk and talking, telling the tree what a wonderful feeling it was, what a wonderful place this was, this night, this park, not a soul around, just me and the trees. I was talking and laughing. I felt pretty damn good. The tree was there in front of me and above me, like an ancient giant, it didn't mind that I was pissing on it, it knew that I honoured it, that there was nothing but drunken joy radiating from my soul.
I had just finished pissing and looked up into the tree. There was a little face peering intently back at me. A possum! The possum was sitting there on the branch, perfectly still and at ease, curiously examining me. I began talking to the possum, Aren't you a curious little fellow! If you want to know, I just stopped to urinate on this nice tree here. I see you looking at me. You do not seem to be afraid, only curious, that's perfectly natural, you must have heard me talking to myself, and laughing. Well, I am happy, you see. Isn't it a perfect night, and so quiet, with nobody around? You are still looking at me, I see you are interested, I am, too. Do you want to say something? No? That's OK. I will continue. But aren't you a dear and curious little fellow!
After a long time of this one-sided conversation, the possum moved off up the branch, and out of sight.
I walked off, feeling ridiculously happy. Some wonderful, nameless thing had passed between myself and one of these night creatures!

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