Thursday, August 04, 2005


Just got home from visiting Anders and his girlfriend Shiraz in Alexandria. Davros was also there. We had fun playing word games and drinking beer. The word games we played were the ones that come from the newspaper and there is a three-by-three cell box with a letter in each one, and in the middle is a letter that you have to use in each word you make. Each word has to be at least four letters long. At the bottom it will say something like if you get 15 words your are GOOD, if you get 20 words you are VERY GOOD, if you get 30 words you are EXCELLENT. While we are playing we have racial conversations since half the room is black and the other half white. No problem we can be honest and don't have to worry about saying the WRONG THING like if we were at the WORKPLACE. Don't have to be lame and say yes yes I am OK and you are OK let's hug and say sorry for being mean a million years ago. Boomerangs and guns are not allowed, only words. Discussion gets heated then cools down and everybody laughs. Different colours but all half-mad. Good times.

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