Monday, August 29, 2005

War on Dancing Kids

Thanks to The J Man for this - a report of a rave party in Utah busted up by what appears to be the US Army. Big soldiers carrying high-powered weapons kicking little rave girls on the ground. Wow. Really tough. You army guys sure are big and strong. But going after dancing kids? What about the War on Terror? You guys seems to be a little off track here. You've gone wacky. These are dancing kids for Pete's sake. What's the big idea? Why did you do that? What threat could dancing kids possibly pose to the security of the USA? Please tell me. This is confusing and seems highly illogical.


CA said...

It seems like the local officials have some kind of personal beef that goes back a ways with that landowner. I think, as soon as the film of that fiasco is shown to the right people, heads will roll. Mormons pretty much run the state of Utah and that could have something to do with it. My opinion is; someone should lose their jobs over this if it turns out like it looks, maybe even be prosecuted.

Brent McKee said...

To mangle a quote from a great movie, "It's Utah Jake." Mormons tend to look on stuff like Rock music and drugs and the like with intensely disapproving eyes. They don't even drink Coke - the Church has a ban on caffeinated beverages.

Stratu said...

CA: I hope you're right. It's unsettling to hear your President talk about how *free* your country is, then see footage like that.
Brent: We get the Mormons here in Sydney, coming here on their mission or whatever it is. They act like real swell, real nice folks, but I've asked them what they think of our homo friends up the street and they got a real evil look. Christians. Sure.
Anyway, thanks for the comment and hope you come back to visit again! I'll look forward to checking out your two(!) blogs.