Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Smoking Teeth

Went to the dentist before work this morning to get the cotton wool pulled out – it was soaked in some hardcore antibacterial liquid to make sure the infection was killed. So I figured he just had to open it up, take the cotton wool out then put a filling back in. It ended up taking an hour, he was doing all sorts of weird shit. At one point smoke was coming up out of my mouth, like he was using a soldering iron. But anyway, he finished at last then I went over to pay. Goddam almost fell over when the lady said “$425.” I only had a hundred and something on me, figuring it was gonna be around a hundred or something. Anyway, it was really surprising, actually more like horrifying. That's a lot of money. Stupid damn teeth. I paid $100 and said I’d come back and pay the rest later, but asked her why was it so expensive? She said it was a ‘root canal pack out'.
Oh. One of those.

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aaron de la south said...

Why is it that you don't get any health care assistance with dental when a bad tooth is one of the most serious forms of pain known to man? i think they know you'll turn up the money somehow... nothing like mortally crippling pain to help you turn up some cash... cunz...