Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Feel Good Not Bad

I'll stay up longer, not go to bed yet. Drink another beer. Tomorrow Boss has day off and that is sufficient reason. Doesn't matter if I'm hungover when Boss not there. If hungover and Boss have a fit is hell on the nerves, but if like tomorrow only me and Colleague everything smooth mellow and stress-free. Yes good reason to stay up late drinking. Ha ha. Feel good, not bad. Why not listen to another song? Yes by all means. A fine idea. Another cigarette? Why not. Feeling good and it's late. Dark outside getting darker, yet growing brighter and brighter here inside. Glowing and feeling warm. A warmth and bright glow that is ever enlarging and growing. Lean back and spin in chair. Eyes don't feel bloodshot, even though they surely are. Doesn't feel like it. God, how quiet it seems, even with music playing. Maybe not quiet outside, but rather inside. Somehow at peace. Some awesome and rare inner peace.


aaron de la south said...

looks like your dropping in the charts strat... don't worry, kids are fickle... you'll be back in the charts again after you plaster up your come-back post... either that or you can compile your most popular posts into a best of series... let me just snort a line and we'll talk business kid!

Stratu said...

hey aaron, if you are referring to the lack of comments lately, yes it certainly is looking grim. i've been abandoned. i've used up all my material, now can only repeat myself. a hot new blogger has been found. the circus has left town. the bar is empty but for an old guy with a broom.