Monday, August 29, 2005

Do Something!

On Friday I went out for lunch as usual. Halfway there the pedestrian light was red and cars were zooming out of the street so I stopped with the other people. They were kids heading up to the accounting and law buildings. There was nothing unusual about the day at all. But then I heard a man shout something incomprehensible over to my left. There was a man over there near the trees. I didn't hear what he shouted but the next second I saw him bring something up to his mouth. He made a musical toot on it, a short up and down scale. It was a harmonica! The university kids looked at him and quickly looked away, trying to ignore him. I couldn't turn my eyes away from him, neither could I prevent a big smile growing up across my face.
Then he shouted, "Do something! Do something for your country!" then tooted again on his harmonica. He was ducking in and out of the trees. It was great. The university kids didn't think so. They continued to stubbornly focus their eyes directly ahead.
I kept looking at him, then gave him a thumbs-up. He instantly gave a thumbs-up back. It was great. I felt happy that there were such people running around with their harmonicas and bold exhortations.
The pedestrian light turned green, the cars stopped zooming in front of us, and I got a fast headstart quickly taking the lead in front of the boring university robots.

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me said...

lol thats great i like that ..why are most people to \afraid to say or speak there mind or out of turn or do something for the sake of rolling down hills and acting like an ass just becasue..who says you cant! hahahahaha