Monday, August 08, 2005

Find Out After the Break!

What lengths will TV news organisations go to keep their viewers watching? Let's find out!
I just saw a report on Media Watch (a media watchdog program on ABC) about a Channel 10 news report. There was some amateur footage of a hot air balloon high up in a clear blue sky and the basket was ablaze. The newsreader said something like, "A hot air balloon catches fire with two people on board! Did they escape? Find out after the break!" After the ad break the news came back on, but there was no sign of the flaming balloon story, but right before the next break the footage popped up again, the hot air balloon's basket belching great tongues of flame. The newsreader said, "Hot air balloon on fire! Two people on board! Did they get out alive? Find out after the break!" At last the ads finished and the hot air balloon inferno footage popped up once more. OK, now everybody is ready to find out about the miraculous escape from the blazing balloon. They wouldn't keep the viewers in suspense for so long if the balloon people didn't get out alive would they?
The newsreader said at last, "Both people in the balloon died in the flames. Many children were watching the tragedy and they were offered counselling."


sandy said...

News people are scum but sometimes necessary. BTW, it is Robin Williams the actor.
We should run him for Homeland Security Chief.

Stratu said...

Actually, this did not come from Robin Williams at all. It's just another Internet Myth: