Thursday, August 18, 2005

Space Rock

If you were trying to describe a pink, white and grey space rock, and you were being paid by the word, this is how you would probably do it:

...There were pinkish streaks among the rock, and it seemed that some of the chromatic tint from the atmosphere owed its origin to these. There were a number of white veins in the rock, which bore some kind of resemblance to marble, but the majority of it was grey. It gave an over-all impression of greyness streaked with pink and white, rather than an over-all impression of whiteness tinged with grey and pink, or an over-all impression of pink streaked with grey and white.
Greyness was the dominant background shade; neither black nor white, but something midway between the two. It was a light rather than a dark grey, yet could never have been so light that it might be mistaken for an off white.

- Pel Torre 'Galaxy 666' (1968)

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CA said...

That was great!
Sandy and I went to the creek today and panned for (and got some) gold. It is great to find gold and you just can't mistake it for anything else. It is sort of a yellow color but has more of the burnt orangish color that combined makes it have a sort of goldish tint. The gold in this area may have a bit of zinc in it or even some nickle. Either of these two should, by rights, cause the gold to be a bit dis-colored, to the point that one may think there are silverish streaks in the luster but the difference of the amount of gold compared with the lesser amount of zinc or nickle actually cause a just deeper and more lustrous sheen without lessening the goldish yellowish colored sheen expected of gold because of the name it has which is, "Gold."

Something like that? Gold is gold colored...