Friday, August 12, 2005


Why are the people on TV so stupid? Why are they so annoying? Why are they so stupid and annoying? What is it with these TV people? Why do they all have the same idiotic haircuts? How is it possible that they think they're funny? Does anybody laugh at what they say? Why are they grinning like that? How do they get their eyeballs so white like that? Why do the studio audience allow themselves to be demeaned and humiliated like that? Why do they grin and laugh like idiots while they are being demeaned and humiliated like that? Why is TV so stupid? Why is is it so idiotic and grotesque? Does this reflect our human condition of this present day? Why do I feel so sick all of a sudden? Why is it all so horrible and confusing? Why?


CA said...

Been watching Seinfeld, eh?

me said...

because most people are that way...who the hell knows why, it is rather annoying.... *takes book and goes and scowls in corner".... stupid humans.