Saturday, August 13, 2005

Killing Machine

Earlier this year I watched a documentary about American soldiers in Iraq and what kind of music they listened to. They said they listened to Slayer's 'Angel of Death', which of course is a very good choice. One soldier said he liked to listen to Metallica but that's OK, he probably just had to grow up a little bit before he could appreciate the superior ferocity of Slayer.
Anyway, the soldiers explained how they could hook their Discman up to the PA system of the tanks so they could blast the music to the people outside the tank. You can imagine it. An Iraqi soldier running around on foot with a gun, then having a big TANK coming at him blasting Slayer's 'Angel of Death' would be a very effective strategy to make him crap his pants and move at high speed in the opposite direction.
The soldiers also admitted that they played heavy metal because it hyped them up for action. Of course. If you were going into grim and deadly battle, you don't want chillout music, you want some fast and heavy and aggressive METAL that pounds its way into every atom of your being, causing adrenaline to surge through your bloodstream, removing any apprehension, pushing you forward and higher with ecstatic grim bloodlust, exultant, a formidable relentless killing machine, ready for anything, ready for WAR, ready to meet the enemy and destroy them utterly, blast them into oblivion, relishing every nanosecond of the carnage, the blood and the fury, the superior firepower, the glorious and terrible delivery of death and destruction, while Slayer's 'Angel of Death' roars in your ears, terrifying the hated enemy to the very depths of despair but driving you ever on and on, higher and higher, into the stratosphere of all-powerful and righteous warmongering. Supreme. Immortal. GOD of WAR.


CA said...

How about the classic, "Pretty Imam," by Hasseem Orbison?
'you know...'Pretty Imam, running down the street',...'Pretty Imam, we blow you all to sheet...'

Bush_babe_4ever said...

This is too funny. You now, it reminds me of Manuel Noriega and Iran Contra. Blast 'em out with music. SOB Noriega eventually got out of his house.

"I will huff and puff and blow your house down."- wolf to piglets.

God Bless!
Bush Babe of Minnesota

sandy said...

Hey , you've got this war thing all figured out.
You know music played a big part in Nam too.
Give me music or give me death. I regret that I have only one Music CD to give for my country.

Sid Clark said...
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