Sunday, August 21, 2005

Parasitic Adblog Development

Those stinking adblog parasites have introduced a new weapon into their foul abominable arsenal.
It used to be (in the good old days of a month or two ago) they would only *create* a fake blog that you would stumble across and for a split second think it was a REAL blog by a REAL human being. You would hit the NEXT BLOG button expecting to find another random blog by somebody, maybe a another personal blog, or a political blog, or even a boring student blog, or even one of those teenage Asian girl blogs that have the stupid butterflys and teddy bears floating around the screen. Instead, a *blog* would pop up that wasn't a blog at all. It looked like a blog, but really it's just a stupid advertisement, no different to those annoying pop-ups you get that make you want to drive a sledgehammer into your monitor.
Well, these adblog robots have come up with a new tactic, and that is to post their stupid ads in your comments section. It happened to me the other day. I checked my blog and my latest post had SIX comments. I got excited, I'll admit it. I'd never got six comments before. It was pretty exciting! But when I looked at those comments, three of them said something like, "Great blog! I like it a lot! Now check out my blog about about how to enlarge your penis!"
This means war. These robots have really gone too far. To make a stinking adblog that you accidentally stumble across is one thing, but to come right into your own blog and defecate into your comments field a sneaky invitation to click on their stupid adblogger link, well, that is the final straw.


D3HUM8N1Z3R said...

I got a comment like that once. Also new is the Flag?-business from Blogger. If a blog gets flagged enough Blogger might set it Unlisted or even delete and account. If they only do this with adblogs and blogs promoting racist and fascist hatespeech I have no problems with it. I wonder why they come up with this after all those years. I always wanted a Content warning that some blogs might get for my blog just in case someone who's totally not in my kind of stuff doesn't get offended. Dehumanizer

Anonymous said...

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