Monday, February 07, 2005

Boxing Night

I went out tonight and saw a movie, Million Dollar Baby. I read somewhere a few days ago that Clint Eastwood is seventy something. He sure is in damn good shape for seventy something, and here he is still making movies, but not only acts in 'em, but writes 'em, directs 'em, and this one he wrote the music for, too. The man is an inspiration.

You may know that this is a movie that deals with boxing. Well, in one of the boxing scenes, Maggie (the Hilary Swank character) gets punched in the face so hard her nose breaks. Her manager Frankie (Clint Eastwood) rushes over to inspect the damage, he tells her that her nose is broken. She wants to keep fighting, so Frankie re-sets her nose right there. This scene really got to some of the folks in the cinema I was at, you should have heard them gasping and groaning, but I'll admit it, I even jerked around in my seat. It wasn't an easy scene to watch, that's for sure.

The movie also included one of the most repulsive characters I've ever seen in a movie - Maggie's mother. Pure ugly, in shape and spirit. Hell, she's a monster. It's horrible and depressing to imagine, the woman is Maggie's own mother, and the feeling we have for Maggie is almost too much to bear.

I can't write anymore about it. I have to think more on it.

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