Thursday, February 24, 2005

A Survey of Some Recent Blogs II

Last Friday I posted A Survey of Some Recent Blogs. I enjoyed writing it, and had a good time making fun of some lame blogs, and best of all I discovered a GOOD one! Hey Tom! You can check out Tom's excellent movie-themed blog If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger... in my links section. If you like good movies it's well worth a look, and he updates it every day.

Anyway, I figured why not do this once a week? Yeah I know it's Thursday, but tomorrow night I won't be here, or may not get to post something by midnight - IF I CAN'T POST BY MIDNIGHT, IT'S NO GOOD! NO GOOD I TELLS YA!

So let's get to it. Shall we see what the Blog World has in store for us? Can we find another good one? Let's not hold our breath...

1. 19 year old Chinese girl and her tales of exams and shopping malls and seeing a strange man in the street but doesn't write anything more than "saw a strange man in the street." My dear, I am interested in either hearing more about the strange man in the street or seeing a picture of you naked. You can't give me these things. We have no future together.
2. A Spanish poetry blog. The first poem has an English title: Give Me a Time Machine. Yes, that's what I need, a time machine, to transport me into a future where I can understand Spanish. But poetry? A poetry BLOG? Perhaps it's for the best.
3. Another goddam fucking piece of shit AD BLOG. bockwurst presents...bockwurst filesthe #1 bockwurst files resource.eudora anti-spam :: bockwurst filesbockwurst files resources and articles If our paths ever cross, sir, I will remove your head and go tenpin bowling with the damn thing. I will then get a Nobel Prize for this service to the world and its grateful blog community.
4. Hey, a blog from Iceland! First one I've ever seen. But I can't understand Icelandic either, more's the pity, because I'd like to read this one. (I want to visit Iceland one day.) There aren't any pictures either, so I don't know what the fuck is going on. Let's have some Icelandic blogs written in English, I say! Speak English or die!
5. A blog from yet another cute little Asian pork chop. With pictures of her and her friends. God Almighty she's only 14. Furthermore, she writes like this: "HahAz.. dIdnT REaLLy CaRE aBt VaLeNtInE dAy.. i hAd aLsO 4gOtTen tiL KeLvIn rEminD mE yTd nItE.. Lolz.. bOuGhT a KeY ChaIn 4 TiAn.. dEn nTh Le.. HehEz.. wEnT tO ScH dAmn EarLy sIa.. ThE eArLiEsT i hAd eVEr cAmE tO sCh in tIs yR.. 7.10aM ReaCh scH Le.. HahAz.. A MaThs LesSon, i m aT a LOsE.. i dunO wAts gOinG oN.. Lolz.. JiA LaT sIa.. mUz BucK uP Le La..~ bUt i cAnT La.. dunO y dUn hAV tHe MoOd oF sTudyinG.. :X HecK cAre La.. gEt CheM ResULt.. gOt 14/30.. dEn TEaChEr sAy tHosE gOt 14, wiL pUsH uP tiL 15.. WaHahAz.. sO gD.. HehEz.. dEn SudDenLy, mR GarLic,(hIs nIck nAme) cAmE & aSk 4 mE.. dEn i wAs sHocK.. i tOt hE cOmE fINd mE cUz i nEv gO nPcC.. dEn i gO oUt.. hE sAy, mY PoEm hAs bEeN choOsEn aS tHE beSt aMounG aLL tHe sEc 3s.." What? Has the world just gone upside down? It sure seems like it. WaHahAz!!
6. Oh. Another Spanish (or Mexican) blog. MADRE DE DIOS! THE FOREIGNERS ARE STORMING THE CASTLE!
7. A poker player's blog, from Ireland. A blog, with a poker theme. And pictures of old arcade game cabinets. ... Somehow, I am not surprised it took an Irish blog to neutralise any potential smartass thing I might come up with. I have nothing. Next! Quickly!
8. An ambitious young papadum from India and his blog. He attended an MSDN session on Building Secure Web Applications. Bravo! Next!
9. LiteraryMom? I have my doubts. Let's examine, shall we? Most recent post she asks us how do we like her SPIFFY new green colour scheme. We don't care. What else you got? Second most recent post she whines about vacations because hubby is home so she can't lounge around like a fat slob gobbling chocolates. Then she mentions that hubby cooked dinner. That must please her, right? Wrong. She goes on to say that cats are better than dogs because a cat wouldn't eat the steak hubby tried to cook but fucked up. She passed the steak under the table to the dog, you see. Goddam ingrate bitch. You make me SICK. Literary mom? You might get one of your mean, whining letters printed in That's Life! (Note: That's Life! = Dumb two-bit fucking worthless whining housewife magazine available in every goddam Australian supermarket fucking checkout rack.)
10. A political blog = goddam boring as hell. *ZZZZZZZZZZ*
11. Oh please God no. Another schoolkid writing BORINGLY about his or her BORING exams. I see, so you passed. Or you didn't passed. It was hard. Or easy. The questions were hard. Or easy. I see. I see. Yes. Yes. *ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ*

Well, it is getting late now, quite late, and I can see that I am not going to find a GOOD, INTERESTING, NOT BORING blog tonight. I have accepted that. But I will not give up so easily. This experiment will continue in one week! I know there are some good blogs out there, and I will find them! I will report to you these RARE, QUALITY blogs, these diamonds buried in this mile-long stretch of Blog Beach. Thank you for your patience!


kfx said...

hmmm, yry, Kitten With A Whip ~ Natasha Strange or

They may be more to your taste

Stratu said...

Thanks for the tips, kfx, I'll check 'em out. I still enjoy criticising these lame blogs though, I'm glad they're out there!

Lady G said...

Of course...turn about is fair play.


Stratu said...

Yikes! It's LiteraryMom herself! Hello! Was I too mean? No I wasn't. Are you being more grateful to your husband when he cooks for you? I hope so. Yes of course, please feel free to make fun of my blog, if you like. I don't care. Fair is fair. Thank you for your comment!