Monday, February 21, 2005

Let's Fiddle With Our Blog Design And Write About It

Does anybody else find it ridiculous when some blog CREATOR only writes about all the things he or she has done that day, fiddling around with the appearance of the damn thing? Every post is "How I Fucked Around With My Blog Appearance Today, In Great Detail" type shit. Do these people call this *content*? More importantly, what do these posts tell us, the readers, about you? They tell us you are one of those robots in a production line in a big noisy factory, you're the robot who moves left and right bolting one piece of metal to another, a thousand times a day.

Why can't you just fiddle around with your damn blog and let people notice for themselves what AMAZING things you have done with it?

This will free you up to write, God forbid, something INTERESTING.

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