Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Didn't Get Blown Up Today

Today I went over to my usual place for lunch - Mr Kebabs in Market City. I found a table and there was a woman sitting nearby. She was in black from head to toe, and I mean literally from head to damn toe because she was wearing a BURQA. I could see nothing but her eyes. You telling me that kinda shit don't give you the creeps? I hesitated before sitting down. You would, too. Pictures started flashing in my head, pictures of explosions, and ripped up, roasted bodies. What if she has bombs strapped to her body, under all that black cloth? At the same time, it felt stupid to think like this. Why am I thinking like this? It must be the TV news. Watch enough of that shit and you're suspicious of every damn thing. I sat down. What would it feel like, if she had bombs and she let 'em off? Would it hurt a lot? Would my ass bleed? Would I die quickly? I looked at other people. They were all doing their own thing. Playing it cool. Oh well, I guess it's OK. She's probably not a terrorist, after all. I guess...

I ate my lunch and didn't get blown the fuck up.

Three hours later, back at work, I was in the museum, descending in the glass elevator and looked out, and there she was. All this black with eyes in there somewhere. Right there, looking at the big old steam train. The elevator kept going and I dropped down two more floors. I couldn't see her anymore.

My ass didn't get blown up today.

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Sid Clark said...

You been absorbing too much Zionist propaganda.